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Acerca de

Lo que soy y lo que he hecho

Caleb Urrea is a freelance cinematographer, camera department personnel, and colorist based in Tucson, Arizona. He has developed a unique filmmaking style across fiction, documentary, music video, broadcast, and commercial production. Owner and operator of a Sony FX6, Ronin RS3 Pro gimbal, and extensive grip & electric kit. Experienced in RED, Blackmagic Design, and Sony cinema cameras, as well as grip & electric equipment including ARRI Skypanels, Astera Titans, and ARRI M18s.

On the personal side, directing has been a mirror into my anxieties and neurodiversity. I employ trauma in films that analyze Mexican identity, systemic oppression, and gender through an absurdist lens. I also carry those values in everyday life: to surpass the meaningless of existence, we must hold onto the ones we love, assign meaning to greater causes, and recognize divinity within ourselves. Now let's see how I can elevate your production.

Open to DP, assistant camera, gaff, grip, PA, and color grade any production.

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