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Imágenes para aquellos de mente pura.

Y mil cabras me miraron

(horror, 2022)

Before answering to his god, a traumatized patriarch must reckon with the sins of his past for the sake of his children.

Starring Leonel Garza, Sofia Gonzalez & Raul Pompa


On Letting Go

(music video, 2021)

A woman performs a ritual to expel the memory of her lover.

Starring Sasha Reist & Giulia Ghidoli


En la sagrada de las sagradas

(horror, 2021)

During an exorcism, a priest encounters a Native American deity who strips him of his faith and shows him what divinity really is.

Starring CJ Barbossa & Jennifer Gaxiola

Lambent Ascent

(horror, 2020)

To escape the barren desert wasteland, three cultists beseech their god.

Starring Ramsés Gaona, Mikey Lujan & Trinity Rosales

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